Scouse house Spanish sparkle

Well I’m no domestic goddess. In fact I’m far from it but this gets me going! Gone are the days you had to order that Spanish baby cologne from your mate when she booked her flight to Palma. You can get it right here on Scouse soil! Let me introduce you to L3 Laundry Room. […]

The ‘Post Mother’s Day’ Quiz

Hope you all had a fabulous day ladies. I am a huge fan of Mother’s Day and my social media pages have been crammed with Mother’s Day love but does anyone have a little moan to get off their chest? For a laugh I’ve listed some of mine. Take the quiz and tell me which […]

Time for Teletubbies

World premiere coming to St Helens!  The iconic, world-famous Teletubbies are to star in their first-ever live theatre show created especially for your little ones. The show comes to St Helens Theatre Royal on Sat 24 and Sun 25 February 2018 as part of their UK and Ireland tour and I don’t know about you ladies […]

Scared Senseless?

Do you agree that we were all, at some point during our childhood, scared by something on tv? I loved it! Remember Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally? The Gremlins and when Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video first came out? All a huge part of growing up during the 80’s. We all lived to tell the tale […]

Be a #RealLOL

LOVING YOUR WORK MISS STACEY SOLOMON! This week she publically took a stand against airbrushing and shared a completely natural and unedited photo of herself in her bikini. Posing for Celebrity Secrets magazine, the 28-year-old proudly bared her natural figure to all – in a bid to change perception of what ‘pretty’ is. Hallelujah! How […]

Winter Wonderland

WINTER WONDERLAND Looking for somewhere to entertain the kids over these next few ‘non days’ between Christmas and new year? Have a go at this! Set up in a huge space on the grounds of the Trafford Centre we found Winter Wonderland! The UK’s biggest indoor winter fairground is open until New Year’s Day. Parking […]

The Theatre Mum

The Theatre Mum I first stepped on stage aged 9. As it goes it wasn’t a church hall performance or even community theatre it was the glorious Liverpool Empire filled with a few thousand people. I was there because my mates were. Because I had picked up the routines and was chosen out of a […]

90s Scouse Style

90s Scouse Style All hell broke loose the other week at work. Did you hear about FILAGATE? I’m still chuckling about it now. So the facts are that those trainees to everyone else in the whole world were called Fila. Pronounced, it seems, FEE-LA. I accept that. In America they said FEE-LA. In Spain they […]