EPISODE 14: Ladies of San Fransisco

Meet the ladies of San Fransisco Maxine and Michaela. You will love them! Do you spend thousands of pounds to sit around a pool with a ‘kids club’ and ‘mini disco’ in Spain? Are your holidays are becoming a bit monotonous maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Let me take you through our […]

EPISODE 13: Tanya Leary – Time For Bed Baby

Local lady Tanya, mum of 2 has experienced anxiety and depression since her early twenties. Medication, counselling and self care as well as MASSIVE support from her family, have all helped her through. As a new mum she desperately wanted to create a resource to show other new mum’s some love and support. To make […]

EPISODE 12: The Curvy Girl Campaigner – Marissa Rooney

Valentines week means we have to focus on love, passion and weddings? Meet Marissa Rooney ladies! Born and bred in Liverpool, this LOL is making waves when it comes to dressing brides for 2019 and beyond. She is loud, proud and huge influencer in the curvy world of fashion. Hear how Beautiful Brides Liverpool is […]

EPISODE 11: Jennifer Ellison

Local ‘triple threat’ Jennifer Ellison can do it all! Sing, dance and act, but just like the rest of us it only took one comment from a stranger to leave her full of self doubt. Jennifer is best known for playing Emily Shadwick in Brookside , Meg Giry in the 2004 film adaptation of The […]

EPISODE 10: Dionne & Lee Butler

Lee is one of the most charming, genuine and hard working men I’ve ever worked with. Although hidden behind the dj glitz and glamour things haven’t always been as great as they are now for him and his wife Dionne. Lee Butler has decided its time to talk openly about his past and how drink […]

How To Listen: Ladies of Liverpool Podcast

It’s so easy to listen to the Ladies of Liverpool Podcast! iPhone users, you can subscribe directly from the Podcast App by clicking here. If you have an android phone, you can subscribe on Google Podcasts by clicking here. Alternatively, if you use another app for your podcast listening, simply click on the links below […]

EPISODE 8: The Town House – The Swingers Club

I feel like Snow White after this podcast! What do you know about the sex club here in Merseyside? I’ve heard so many rumours I needed to speak to the boss. The lady who owns, manages and attends these parties, Vicky. Hear about her dungeons, milf Monday events, human pup afternoons and learn what dollification […]

EPISODE 7: Colin McGinty – Laura Hughes

Can you bare to take a second to put yourself in the shoes of Laura Hughes. Fighting for change in Liverpool and beyond after her brother was stabbed to death on a night out. Hear how her family have struggled to cope, she was inspired to try and make a difference and her big plans […]

EPISODE 6: This Year, Do You – Gemma Ray

It’s new year so what’s your plan? Lose weight, new house, leave your job or your partner? We are talking about The Secret, journaling, yo yo dieting, living without your father and clearing out your life. Hear from Gemma Ray, local author and motivator and maybe this podcast will change your life?