Serenity Healing

Botox works. We know this. IF you find an experienced and qualified practitioner you can knock years off your face. What if there was an alternative that was risk free, cost you less and left you looking younger? Alex at Serenity Healing offered me the chance to see the results of facial acupuncture. So I […]

Scouse house Spanish sparkle

Well I’m no domestic goddess. In fact I’m far from it but this gets me going! Gone are the days you had to order that Spanish baby cologne from your mate when she booked her flight to Palma. You can get it right here on Scouse soil! Let me introduce you to L3 Laundry Room. […]

The Belly Button Fixer

You know I love trying out the latest treatments well girls you might just love this! Say ‘ta ra’ to stretch marks, wrinkling and sagging skin thanks to Skin Kerr, Stanley Road, Bootle. Don’t fear she uses a numbing cream so its painless, quick and its hassle free. Take a look at my cheeky vid […]

Make this payday about you!

Hiya gorgeous Ladies of Liverpool! Happy New Year! Just sat here slightly restless as the kids have gone to bed (back to school tomorrow!!!!) so thought I would say hi! I am seriously loving some of my latest little belter beauty products at the min so wanted to fill you in about them.   Why […]

Slimfast: The Truth

7 Day Slimfast Challenge: The Truth     Let’s be honest that Claire Sweeney interview has left us all wondering about Slimfast. She looks unreal and I think I want in. Is your Christmas night out fast approaching? Wanting to look your best in your festive LBD? Well keep your purse in your handbag ladies […]

Nose Hair Waxing

Nose Hair Waxing… THE TRUTH Are you a little conscious of those pesky nose hairs? We all have them, they obviously serve a purpose but I loath that one or two stick out. You spot them when you’re doing your make up and if you attack it with the tweezers your eyes start streaming and […]


CoolSculpting… THE TRUTH Recently I’ve been ‘Keeping up with Kris’ testing CoolSculpting at The Tracey Bell Clinic. When I was offered a free experience of a cool-sculpting machine I thought why not, like most owners of mum tums would. I’d been eating healthily since the new year but couldn’t  shift the little mummy tummy and […]