10 problems with being a KICK ARSE INDEPENDENT WOMAN

How many of these do you relate to ladies?

Like, share and spread the love you wonderful Lady of Liverpool you.

1. You don’t have time to kiss arse. Leaving kiss arses feeling put out.

2. You get stuck making all the decisions. (You actually DO have the best ideas 😜)

3. You ask for nothing from nobody. This leaves others saying ‘who does she think she is?/shes so full of herself’ but fear not as this will generally happen behind your back. 😎

4. Your ambition can be intimidating. Shine anyway.

5. You are self sufficient and drama free. Some men won’t like this.

6. You are afraid of looking weak. That ‘Game Face’ is always on.

7. You can’t convincingly pull off the ‘defenceless woman act’ without taking over and getting the job done yourself.

8. You struggle with rules. So you make your own, because you run shit.

9. You are not above romance, but he knows you can totally survive without it.

10. You have no problem cutting people out of your life if they hurt you. Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

In summery,

Pros: You can do everything.
Cons: You do everything.

Keep shining!!

Love Lea x

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