90s Scouse Style

90s Scouse Style

All hell broke loose the other week at work. Did you hear about FILAGATE? I’m still chuckling about it now. So the facts are that those trainees to everyone else in the whole world were called Fila. Pronounced, it seems, FEE-LA. I accept that. In America they said FEE-LA. In Spain they said FEE-LA. Even on the Wirral, in Ormskirk, St Helens, Wigan they said FEE-LA. BUUUUUUT, in 1990’s Liverpool, WE SAID FEEl-EE-A! FELIA! FEEL-EEEEEE-AAAAAA!

When there were no camera phones, riding the bus to Speke was a day out and you were always on standby to say those important words ‘…eh will you cop for my mate?’

I can’t tell you why we called Fila ‘FILIA’ but loads of us did. If you were lucky enough to have a friend or family member who planned a trip to Florida during this wonderful time you prayed they brought you back a pair of Felias!

If you agree and also said Felia I salute you my friend. It happened. You are not alone. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. If you said Felia, I’m guessing you did most of these other things too….. Lets see?

  1. You rode the death slide in Pleasure Island.
  2. Walked that dreaded walk from the Paradox to your front door in hale, rain and snow because all the taxis were in town.
  3. Wore a ‘ring pop’ lollipop with pride.
  4. Went on a 7 hour ‘bus ride’ with your Zone-y
  5. Owned a leather bumbag
  6. Fancied a lad because he wore a Kickers jumper. Necked a lad because he wore Moschino shirt.
  7. Asked someone would they cop for ya mate.
  8. Begged for a pager.
  9. Prayed you’d get a mention on Radio City’s Peaceful Hour
  10. Often came home from a night out with your hair tied back in a bobble and some lads coat?


Which ones do you relate to? Tell me your 90’s stories, get involved on Facebook: click here!

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