Meet Carrie & Alyx who own UNPRETTY Liverpool. Unpretty challenges Society and these ladies claim to be a brand that is empowering, free-spirited and ethical. Their ethos is simple… “Be your own version of Pretty” Unpretty Director and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Carrie Jones has worked within the Fashion Industry for over a decade, she now wants to spread her message of self love and […]

Winter Wonderland

WINTER WONDERLAND Looking for somewhere to entertain the kids over these next few ‘non days’ between Christmas and new year? Have a go at this! Set up in a huge space on the grounds of the Trafford Centre we found Winter Wonderland! The UK’s biggest indoor winter fairground is open until New Year’s Day. Parking […]


Lapland! Lapland is to kids what a free bar is to adults! I’m talking a free bar at a party you really didn’t want to go, that includes cocktails, shots, a banquet in China town and your taxi fare home! If you have ever wondered what the fuss is about cast your crimbo loving eyes […]

Laura Wakefield

Laura Wakefield Meet the wonderful Laura Wakefield. I’ve been following this inspirational lady’s journey on social media and I know you will be as impressed and moved as I was! Your strength and positivity laura will lead the way for so many. You can support her further by following @AF_amputation and reading her blogs: https://bestfootforwardlife.wordpress.com/

The Theatre Mum

The Theatre Mum I first stepped on stage aged 9. As it goes it wasn’t a church hall performance or even community theatre it was the glorious Liverpool Empire filled with a few thousand people. I was there because my mates were. Because I had picked up the routines and was chosen out of a […]

90s Scouse Style

90s Scouse Style All hell broke loose the other week at work. Did you hear about FILAGATE? I’m still chuckling about it now. So the facts are that those trainees to everyone else in the whole world were called Fila. Pronounced, it seems, FEE-LA. I accept that. In America they said FEE-LA. In Spain they […]

Dianne Marshall

Hair Majesty ‘Queen of Extensions’ From Sacred Heart High School to Beverly Hills this ‘Lady of Liverpool’ has styled the rich and famous for years. Meet the first lady to bring hair extensions to our city and find out how she could train you at her new training academy here in Liverpool. Meet the talented […]

Friday Night Boots

Friday Night Boots Going bonkers for these boots! Friday night was spent in the brilliant Eldonian Village Club celebrating my friends dad’s 70th. Big love to big Trev! Now before leaving home I put a picture on Instagram then headed off to the big do. I feel so weird even writing this because I most […]

Slimfast: The Truth

7 Day Slimfast Challenge: The Truth     Let’s be honest that Claire Sweeney interview has left us all wondering about Slimfast. She looks unreal and I think I want in. Is your Christmas night out fast approaching? Wanting to look your best in your festive LBD? Well keep your purse in your handbag ladies […]

Scouse Bird

LOL meets Scouse Bird I’m loving this opportunity to celebrate our amazing Ladies of Liverpool! Now meet our ‘Scousebird’ Steph who has taken Twitter to a whole new level! Check out her fabulous Scouse Bird Shop and hear the lady behind that iconic logo as she reveals the secrets to her success.   Enjoy Ladies, […]