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This week she publically took a stand against airbrushing and shared a completely natural and unedited photo of herself in her bikini.

Posing for Celebrity Secrets magazine, the 28-year-old proudly bared her natural figure to all – in a bid to change perception of what ‘pretty’ is.


How brave of her considering we are all constantly shown pictures of ‘perfect women’ and ‘perfect lifestyles’ that are simply NOT real! She looks fabulous without any airbrushing but sadly its standard behaviour these days as most feel pressured to aim for perfection.

Thanks to the wonderful world of social media we are surrounded by airbrushed pictures and ideal lifestyles. Let’s be honest girls it’s all ‘smoke and mirrors’ isn’t it?

So do we all share a little blame?

How many of us use filters on our snaps, pose and take 4 pictures then post the most flattering. Decide against posting that photo because it makes you look fat, spotty, tired, HUMAN.

How brilliant would it be if Stacey created a change in us all. Could we all begin to embrace our wobbly bits? Not worry so much what others think of our appearance? Maybe convince others to jib that pout and stop counting those Instagram likes?

Most of us ladies are wise to the ‘sham’ of social media and take it in our stride but it does concern me when I speak to our younger ladies of Liverpool.

Most claim that images posted on social media are having a negative impact on their emotional wellbeing. They commonly experience abusive online comments, self esteem issues, addiction to their phones and believe they need to show a ‘fake version’ of themselves on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in order to gain respect and fit in. What can we do right now to decrease the impact of these altered images?

Will you join me in posting a non airbrushed, unflattering, REAL picture of yourself? Come on girls!

Tweet those photos to @LadiesOfLPL using the hashtag #RealLOL or reveal your ‘REAL’ looking self, wherever you are right now in the comment box below this Facebook post.

Let’s see what you are made of ladies! I will start us off.

Love Leanne x










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