It’s getting close now. Almost time for Ladies of Liverpool season 4 and I am really looking forward to chatting to YOU! Could you be my next guest? Its about to get real. No holding back, warts and all, no messing round REAL! Like so many of you the last few years have been challenging […]

Series 3 – EPISODE 7: Danielle Lloyd

From beauty queen to Big Brother bully, what’s really gone on behind the scenes? With no questions dismissed or avoided, hear Danielle Lloyd’s story in her own words.  Drugs, tabloids, phone hacking, that interview with The Scum, and dating celebs – it’s all in this week’s podcast. Enjoy x

Series 3 – EPISODE 6: Kim Lyon / Prinnys Fitness

This week let’s get to the bottom of weight loss! Hear from an ex-international British gymnast who represented her country all over Europe from age 6 – 18. Now an online coach, She goes LIVE every morning on her Instagram page, Helping all prinnys reach their goals! Including me! Time to level up ladies it’s […]

Prinny’s Fitness

Ladies meet Kim Lyon owner of Prinnys Fitness studio based in Rainhill.An ex international British gymnast who represented her country all over Europe from age 6 – 18 is now an online coach and is ready to kick your ass into shape. Every day this month I have logged into her sessions and followed her regime […]

Tea to success

As stress and anxiety levels reached new heights during the spring ‘lock-down’ period, Liverpool based entrepreneurs Kaya Nash and Claire Gallagher joined forces with a renowned  ‘master blender’ to produce a range of adaptogen wellness Teas to rebalance the body and the mind.  Unique Blends Tea’s use only the finest natural ingredients, high in antioxidants […]

Dermal Filler Facts: 5 days with fillers

We have seen the botch jobs and heard the horror stories but as I approach my mile stone birthday ’40’ I am looking for ways to freshen my face even when faced with a possible lockdown celebration. I have had yearly botox treatments since I turned 30 and over the last 2 years some small […]

EPISODE 9: Kath Jones – ThinK Wine Group

Let’s talk fizz!!!!   ThinK is the brain child of scouser Kath Jones, launched in August 2019 after 2 years of research. Against the odds ThinK has flown to success in the midst of Covid 19 as everyone refuses to stop drinking bubbles  🥂 Hear Kathy inspiring story and the journey behind this fabulous low […]