THE GIN TO MY TONIC SHOW: THE ULTIMATE GIN FESTIVAL WITH UNLIMITED TASTINGS RETURNS TO EXHIBITION CENTRE LIVERPOOL, SEPTEMBER 6TH – 8TH 2019 Gin lovers rejoice! The Gin To My Tonic Show is returning to the Exhibition Centre, Liverpool in 2019. If you want to be inspired as well as entertained and feel like you’ve […]

Win £500 to spend at St John’s

This week I was set a challenge. Could I find everything I needed for a holiday under the roof of St Johns Shopping Centre? Have you been recently? I went wild! My favourite St Johns stores included More Glam, Wilkos, Catwalk, Storm, Koko, Frocks, B.U. and Ego. From your pre-holiday shop to jeans & a […]

Tumble Town

We all know soft play areas are a lifeline when it comes to occupying our kids but are you struggling to find one perfect for tiny tots and pre schoolers? Well, check out Tumble Town a small Stay & Play Centre designed for Parents, Babies and Toddlers. Located on Broad Lane in Norris Green, you’ll […]

Keto Week 3

What a crazy 7 days! Keto wasn’t easy this week and the scales were not my best friend. I resisted pancake day, an awards ceremony pudding and potato dish, the gorgeous delivery of cakes from bake my day and it was my dreaded *star week as they call it in most slimming groups! Weigh in […]

Keto week 2

It’s weigh in day today people and for the first time in ages I felt confidant I would have a nice little loss to report. Now we have all felt like this when following most diets. Knowing you have stuck to the plan only to step on the scales to see you’ve maintained or gained […]

Smear my dear?

Fresh from this mornings smear I can officially report that a smear test takes around 40 seconds. FORTY SECONDS! So why do we make such a big deal about getting them? I don’t want to nag you BUT data suggests three million women across England have not had a smear test for at least three-and-a-half […]

My new mate Keto

Hi I’m Leanne. I diet. Often! I lose a few lbs then gain it back plus a little more then diet again. Can you relate? Like me do you struggle saying no to giant bars of Dairy Milk and sausage dinners? Well it’s early days but meet my mate Keto! Please note I am not […]

Sunday at The Grand

Sunday afternoons are about to change in Liverpool. Curtis Productions UK in association with Liverpool Grand Central Hall are bringing the ultimate theatre dining experience, featuring an interactive spectacular show by our resident Grand Theatre Cast and top headlining UK artists. I will be hosting these wonderful Sunday sessions from March 10th and they are […]

Why tho Walt?

After watching the brilliant Mary Poppins Returns I am left wondering why do kids films leave parents emotionally destroyed. Reason being most movies involve the death of a parent, have you noticed? In this wonderful movie Jane and Michael Banks are all grown up and Michaels wife dies leaving him to raise their three children […]

20 Rules every LOL should remember

1. It’s okay to cry when you’re hurt. But, wash your face, and get up off the floor when you’re done. You don’t belong down there. 2. You are a woman, you do NOT need a man, but you can absolutely enjoy your life with a good one. 3. Never walk through an alley alone. […]