EPISODE 2: Mother Knows Best

Hear from the lady who’s opinion matters most to me! Introducing my mum Linda Campbell. Get our thoughts on the pressure us ladies face today, the effects of  stopping your mum hosting Christmas dinner and More magazines position of the fortnight! We even get deep discussing our Children’s Centre cuts. Honest and frank mum and […]

EPISODE 1: Let’s Get Crackin’

Would you ever donate your eggs to help someone you love become a parent? Jumping straight in at the deep end with guest Tracy McMahon Owner of holistic health clinic Buddha Therapies, laugh with us as we get personal. The answer to your fertility problems could lie within this podcast!

Coming Soon – Ladies of Liverpool Podcast

It looks like it’s finally happening! The Ladies of Liverpool Podcast launches on Friday 30th November. Subscribe now via iTunes or on the website www.ladiesofliverpool.com Each week I’ll be talking to the most inspirational women in this city exclusively on the Ladies of Liverpool Podcast.