EPISODE 53: Sarah White

Remember our Bev?  Sarah White played Bev McLoughlin in Brookside from 1993 until the show ended in 2003. She married Ron Dixon and later became known as Bev Dixon. Of course you Remember!  After Brookside, Sarah White spent time in the theatre, with her most notable role being in the production Mum’s the Word and […]

EPISODE 52: Derek Acorah

Derek Acorah needs no introduction. Being the pioneer for spiritualism and mediumship on television, he is arguably the world’s most renowned spirit medium having demonstrated to many hundreds of thousands of people in theatres throughout the UK. Derek’s television career dates back over fifteen years when he became the first medium ever to demonstrate live on […]

EPISODE 51: Philip Olivier

I love introducing you to my mates and this one you probably know better as Tin Head? Brookside fans you will love this episode. Since leaving Brookside Olivier has performed in two dozen audio plays based on the Doctor Who television series by Big Finish Productions as a companion of the Seventh Doctor by the […]

EPISODE 50: Jess Ellis

After being squashed by a tree in Hollyoaks, Jess faced a dilemma… What should she do with her life next? Well, she has entered the podcast world! Her brand new podcast where she sits in her house, usually a few gin and tonics deep, and talks to her friends about your problems. Today I ask […]

EPISODE 49: Pete Price Is Dead

Have you heard the news? Pete Price is dead!  Well… he will be when my brand new show opens at the Royal Court on Friday 13th March 2002. I’m sure you’ve got questions, so tune in now and hear all about it. As you can imagine, Pete’s having a wobble! 

EPISODE 48: Lydfit

Meet Lydia, ‘The past year I have completely change my outlook after what I believe was a spiritual awakening and now I am in the best place I have ever been in. I have learnt so many tools to help with my personal growth and self-development and I make a conscious effort to be kind […]

EPISODE 47: Claire House

Fancy a night out that will change people’s lives? Meet Sandra Kirkham – MD of Progress to Excellence Group.  P2E Group is made up of a group of education and training providers. She is sponsoring this years Claire House Ball and is very passionate about supporting local communities. Also Jan Sutherland-Oaks – Director of Clinical […]

EPISODE 46: Irene Afful

Irene Afful is the CEO of Ametrine Enterprise Solutions, a coaching and consultancy service in Liverpool. She has a wealth of experience under her belt; she has over 30 years of experience within Public Sector organizations and over 20 of those in management roles. Each one as inspiring as the next. For example, Irene was […]

EPISODE 45: Underground Wellbeing Society

Jenny Mac is passionate about food. So much so she has recently launched a plant based meal delivery service. She is not your stereotypical vegan, walking round in kale shoes and carrying a ‘Pigs are People’ banner but she knows the benefits that come with plant-based diet. She wants people to reconnect with food and […]

EPISODE 44: Seans Place

This week we’re joined by Debbie Rodgers, sister of Sean Maloney who sadly passed away after committing suicide. Debbie has set up Sean’s Place after her concerns of the lack of support and services available for men who are suffering with mental health in Merseyside. The mental health and wellbeing center will provide a place […]