CoolSculpting… THE TRUTH

Recently I’ve been ‘Keeping up with Kris’ testing CoolSculpting at The Tracey Bell Clinic. When I was offered a free experience of a cool-sculpting machine I thought why not, like most owners of mum tums would. I’d been eating healthily since the new year but couldn’t  shift the little mummy tummy and seemed to be storing a bit of excess fat especially on the right side of my belly so wondered…could this actually help?

If not no problem, but with no cost it was certainly worth a go

I’ve used fat freeze machines before and thought yes they tighten the skin and they are much cheaper than Coolsculpting but never really experienced fat loss. Before I go any further this is not like any other tummy freezing experience I have encountered. I’m not going to lie, it’s not pleasant. This is the real deal!

To begin with its relaxing. A cold, wet, gel soaked cloth is smoothed across your torso and the Coolsculpting machine goes on top, sucking in your fat like an ice cold hoover. Then you lie back watch tv, check Facebook or fall asleep. I actually dozed off. This part is the best bit. This is when you need to pop a few painkillers. 60 mins later you are left with a rectangular shaped lump of cold, hard fat. My advice here, don’t touch it, don’t look at it just take deep breaths. As the nurse began to massage it Coolsculting got real!

The fat becomes room temperate again over a 20 minute period and it hurts. I asked to be left alone at one point it became so unbearable. Then the pain stops, you have a cup of tea and go home. Its bizarre? For a week or so you feel bruised and sore, wearing a waist trainer eased this somewhat and aloe vera gel helps. Then week by week you do actually start to see results. Not massive, drop a dress size results but that pouch on my right side has disappeared. My stomach is not perfect and we know diet and exercise is key but Coolsculpting works. Just don’t expect to go home looking like Elle Macpherson. That’s not gonna happen!

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