EPISODE 2: Mother Knows Best – Linda Campbell

Hear from the lady who’s opinion matters most to me! Introducing my mum Linda Campbell. Get our thoughts on the pressure us ladies face today, the effects of  stopping your mum hosting Christmas dinner and More magazines position of the fortnight! We even get deep discussing our Children’s Centre cuts. Honest and frank mum and daughter chat this week on Ladies of Liverpool.

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1 thought on “EPISODE 2: Mother Knows Best – Linda Campbell

    Ben Towell

    (December 13, 2018 - 6:05 pm)

    Just listened to the LOL podcast ‘Mother knows Best’. Known Leanne and her Mum for over 20 years and felt like I was sitting in their living room ….I half expected the wine and beers to come out!! If you could bottle and capture the relationship between two fantastic legendary Scouse women then you’ve nailed this Leanne. I know this show is pitched at predominantly women (the clue is in the tltle) but also think fellas could learn a thing or two from these podcasts.

    Mega mega mega….you just brightened my day amigo. I’ll be listening to future shows

    P.s. can you do a podcast on how to keep out of the doghouse?

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