EPISODE 34: Layla Wright

Layla Wright is a journalist in Liverpool, specialising in documentaries & investigations. Following her documentary “Gangs, Guns & Grassing” for Radio City last year which explored Liverpool’s code of silence & the fear of being a snitch – BBC Radio 4 asked her to investigate knife crime in Liverpool.

For Radio 4’s “Beyond Today” podcast she got together a group of teenagers to find out why people are prepared to carry a knife.

The 3-month long investigation came out last week & revealed that older gang members across Merseyside are paying young people hundreds of pounds to stab each other, to avoid carrying out the attack themselves.  

The particular kids Layla spoke to for the podcast said their best mate was the target of a £1,000 bounty.

The claims made directly linked to one recent Merseyside stabbing but after weeks of research following the interviews, it was confirmed by young people & gang members that this was happening across the region.  

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