EPISODE 36: Billy Moore

Have you heard about Billy Moore? Well his story is now a movie! He his currently promoting the amazing work taking place at The Rotunda Boxing Club where he takes his autistic Brother Joe! This Liverpool man had a difficult upbringing, which culminated in him getting involved in drugs. His addiction led to crimes like burglary, dangerous driving and theft, landing him in prison sentences in the UK.

So in 2005, wanting to make a fresh start, Moore decided to leave for Thailand.

But going to Asia did not mean that he could throw off the shackles of the addiction which had gripped him. Though initially he did not use drugs, he relapsed and was arrested and charged with possessing stolen goods and a firearm.

He spoke a little Thai, but it was not enough to ensure that when he landed in the infamous ‘Bangkok Hilton’ prison that he could understand everything that was going on. While there, he witnessed some terrible scenes, like violence and sexual assault. He slept in a row alongside tens of other prisoners in a sweatbox of a cell, and had to fight to get his allocation of fresh water.

His story will blow your mind so don’t miss a second listen now!

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