Keto week 2

It’s weigh in day today people and for the first time in ages I felt confidant I would have a nice little loss to report.

Now we have all felt like this when following most diets. Knowing you have stuck to the plan only to step on the scales to see you’ve maintained or gained is a killer! Well not today my friends 3lbs off! That’s 9lb in 2 weeks and this week the Keto life felt like a walk in the park. Hear all my highs and lows this Wednesday on The ladies of Liverpool Podcast subscribe for free, iPhone users, you can subscribe directly from the Podcast App by clicking here. 

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Firstly this week I found low carb bread. Game changer.

Rice Lane Sainsbury’s less then £2!

Full off seeds and nuts and doesn’t taste like it’s missing anything. The beauty of Keto is that you are encouraged to eat real butter not margarine so I felt like I was cheating when I toasted a slice and generously buttered it but in fact I was totally on plan. I only had 2 slices over the week fearing it might alter my weight loss but it really didn’t so I will be tucking into peanut butter on toast this week for breakfast most mornings.

Secondly, and I recommend anyone beginning this diet does this, I followed as many Keto Instagram pages as I could. This opened my eyes to so many recipes I had never even considered. I can’t cook but it didn’t stop me trying.

It has all just clicked into place this week. Replace rice, bread and pasta with vegetables. Now not all vegetables are allowed on Keto so choose wisely but I have been using courgettes instead of pasta, cauliflower has become my rice and lettuce or avocado become your burger bun or wraps.

Check out this pasta free lasagne that even I managed to make and it was totally gorgeous and filling.

My cheats have been low carb to help keep me in ketosis and burning fat. A large glass of red wine on a Friday night is my favourite and a nice way to end the week. I am loving your massages on Instagram so please keep them coming just follow me here.

If you missed week 1 and want to know more about Keto dieting click here.


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