Keto Week 3

What a crazy 7 days! Keto wasn’t easy this week and the scales were not my best friend. I resisted pancake day, an awards ceremony pudding and potato dish, the gorgeous delivery of cakes from bake my day and it was my dreaded *star week as they call it in most slimming groups!

Weigh in this morning wasn’t great. Stayed the same. No loss. No gain. I’m alright with that.
It’s time for me to be accountable as discussed on Wednesdays Ladies of Liverpool podcast.

Although I resisted all those temptations what did I do differently this week?

Portion control went out the window. No longer was I eating a handful of pistachio nuts I ate the whole bag in two sittings. The amount of protein on my plate doubled to try and make up for the lack of pancakes and the small glass of wine recommended became the bottle last night. Also the low carb toast that was a once a week treat became two slices a day!

Do I regret it? No. I needed to indulge a little, life has been pretty hectic and I will own this weigh in today.

So my plan this week.

Up my water intake. Step away from the low carb bread. Think about my portion sizes and try to introduce a little exercise.

Last summer I started taking a little time for me. When everyone was settled each evening I’d pop the headphones on and go for a 30 min walk. The walk became a jog and I really did notice a difference in my body shape and more importantly it cleared my head. We tend to juggle so much its hard to switch off so those walks are making a come back next week and maybe I will see a loss on the scales as an added bonus.

Am I missing pasta and rice? No.

Could I murder a sticky toffee pudding with custard and meat feast pizza.


Today I will be struggling to make a broccoli pizza that I saw on Instagram. It will look nothing like the pictures I have seen but I am living for the mozzarella cheese at the min so should hit the spot. Wish me luck! See the results on my Instagram page. No doubt we can all have a laugh again at my failed cooking attempts! Here’s the recipe link if you fancy it yourself.

Til next week x

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