Lapland is to kids what a free bar is to adults! I’m talking a free bar at a party you really didn’t want to go, that includes cocktails, shots, a banquet in China town and your taxi fare home! If you have ever wondered what the fuss is about cast your crimbo loving eyes over this.


A 4am alarm is the norm for me but this one today has never felt so good. The kids woke up like they had been possessed by the Waltons. All thank you’s, I love you’s and you are the best ever mum statements  like Mary Ellen and John Boy it was fabulous. We all loved checking in on our ‘Santa flight’ and we took off at 7am. I must praise Tui at this point. Not one detail was overlooked making this a magical trip from the minute we arrived at the airport. 


Our pilots and crew welcomed us wearing Santa hats handing out gifts from Santa (work books and sing-a-long sheets) Everything had been thought through to make the 3 hour flight feel like part of the adventure. The kids entered a colouring competition, cabin crew renamed ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ narrated take off telling us the ‘reindeers were helping the pilot by pulling the aircraft’ and how breakfast was specially prepared by Mrs Claus. The kids sang on the microphone and told jokes it was almost upsetting saying good bye when we arrived safely at our destination.

Although things only got better. Rovaniemi airport is amazing. It’s tiny but magical, we were thrilled to see mechanical elves at passport control then we were greeted by our head elf. She entertained us throughout our 15 min coach journey playing games and keeping the kids attention 100% even when educating them on Lapland’s ‘elf’ and safety rules! 

Once we entered Santa Park it was a whirlwind adventure.  There was no messing we waltzed straight  in to see Santa in his grotto. He was perfect. In the words of my two ‘the real deal.’ My eldest is 7 and I know I’m on borrowed time when it comes to ‘believing’ making this trip a tear jerker from start to finish. We jumped onto the magic train ride, made cookies, tree decorations, wrote thank you notes to Santa and even went to elf school all before lunch. The indoor play area is heaven sent. The kids legged it round while we had a moment to take it all in then with no time to lose headed to collect thermal clothing to ride the snow mobiles outside. We sledged, saw reminders and enjoyed a husky ride which according to the kids was the best bit. Soz Santa. After warming up with some hot berry juice we reluctantly walked towards the exit to jump on our coach and begin our journey home. Although we did still manage to get rinsed in the gift shop before leaving.

This experience is expensive, I know. We booked the cheapest option doing Lapland for just a day and honestly it was perfect, we did it all. We saved and waited to take both children this year hoping they would remember it forever and as I write this sat on the plane they are already asking when they are coming back. It was worth every penny. Check out the video made by my loons below…

Love Leanne x 

Tui Artic Express flights from Manchester and day trip to Santa’s Secret Grotto, Santa Park.

£1600 for our family of 4.

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