You might be surprised to read that when I took my first job in radio I was juggling my first breakfast show gig with a career in teaching. I would finish my shift and dash to local primary and secondary schools, pupil referral and youth offenders units, dance schools and colleges to teach drama and life skills courses. So its an exciting prospect for me to today launch ‘The Smoke & Mirrors Tour.’
This was why I launched Ladies Of Liverpool. My aim is to educate and influence the young people of merseyside through fun, supportive workshops that will encourage mindful decision making throughout their school life and beyond. I will be bringing along with me some of the influential ladies and lads from our wonderful city that will allow us to break through barriers and facilitate change.
I devise and facilitate tailor made workshops for all ages, both girls and boys, on a wide variety of subjects including social media, self-esteem, female empowerment and anti bullying.These workshops can be an hour or 90 minutes long focusing on improving their self-image and their self-belief.  They will leave the workshop feeling six feet tall and able to do anything they put their mind to.
I am excited to be leading with two tours. 1.The Smoke & Mirrors Tour: The truth behind social media.

Social media is harming the mental health of our youngsters. They commonly experience abusive online comments and develop self esteem issues. Together let us end the pressure to be ‘perfect’ online and put a stop the anxiety they are feeling.

2. Pink & Powerful: Young Ladies of Liverpool.

An uplifting session focusing on confidence building, positive thinking and female empowerment. Proving to all that they are valuable and have a voice. 

If you are interested in running the above workshop in your school or in me devising one just for your students please contact me via social media or send me an email

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Leanne x



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