Why are we so weak when it comes to protecting our own sanity?
No isn’t a naughty word and we shouldn’t feel bad when we say it. Yet we do.
No is a complete sentence.
No explanation needed.
No justification.
Don’t feel bad just smile and decline.
Do you need to say no more often?
Do you find yourself saying ‘don’t worry about it’ to strangers who take advantage? When they bunk in he queue or take that last size 12 coat you put down for just a second. NO Thats not ok!
Do you say yes to things you don’t have time to do?
Agree to pick up a work colleague each morning despite it adding 30 mins onto your journey? Or pick up the slack in the office at the risk of running yourself into the ground. NO thats not ok!
Do you let things go when you’re upset?
Accept your partners apology simply to end the debate? Do you lie and say everything is okay, even when it’s not? NO thats not ok!
Saying NO more often means you’re putting yourself first and that is also ok!
Say NO when you have reached your limit or are struggling to cope.
Say NO if the next favour doesn’t benefit you or your family, just eats up your spare time.
Say NO if you don’t agree or it makes you feel anxious for any reason.
Say NO because you can.
You can’t please everyone and you never will so take care of you.
You have heard the saying you can’t pour from an empty cup. Realistically we can’t always go book a spa day or stay in bed on a Sunday each week but by simply saying no when we need to we can take the pressure off slightly and cope a little better with everything else life throws at us.
So this is your polite reminder… it’s ok to say no.
Shoulders back, chin up and in a clear voice say NO.
Sometimes we need to take our own advice and practice what we preach so I will be dishing out a few confident no’s myself.
Good luck ladies x


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