Nose Hair Waxing

Nose Hair Waxing… THE TRUTH

Are you a little conscious of those pesky nose hairs? We all have them, they obviously serve a purpose but I loath that one or two stick out. You spot them when you’re doing your make up and if you attack it with the tweezers your eyes start streaming and you sneeze yourself silly. I recently saw that Urban Calm had introduced nose hair waxing to their price list and at just £10 I booked my appointment for the next day.

Here is what you need to know…..

  • The whole treatment only takes around 5 mins! 
  • Their warm wax is chocolate smelling and is a joy to have up your snout.
  • They only wax the hairs at the bottom of your nose so the ones further up will still keep the germs and nasties out therefore doing their job.
  • I swear down ….IT WAS PAIN FREE!

Ladies I loved this. It’s a weird feeling when you stick your finger in your smooth naked nostril. Plus you feel like you need to take big deep breaths through your nose as it feels all clean and new. It’s one for the lads too I found after roping my mate Alex into trying it. I think boy nose hair is stronger than girls his experience left him teary eyed but he said it didn’t hurt and loved his new groomed beak!


Don’t forget to book yours now with our EXCLUSIVE LOL deal! It’s £15 for you and a friend when you quote ‘Ladies of Liverpool’ when you call.

Watch and tell me whether you fancy this yourself ladies,

Love Leanne x // 0151 236 0537

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