Passionate about Poland!

After our lads binned us off to drive to Madrid to watch LFC in the Champions League final us football widows decided to plan a trip to Krakow. We booked in haste, not wanting to be left out, so to be fair we can admit we hadn’t really thought it through. The days building up towards the big weekend we did admit to each other that maybe we had set ourselves up for a few nights surrounded by stag and hen parties and ‘lads on tour’…. Complete ‘hell on earth’ scenario! Well, let me tell you this. We worried for nothing. Krakow is absolutely gorgeous! Safe, stunning and seriously seductive.

Center of Krakow, Old town The Main Market square view to Mariacki Cathedral and The Cloth Hall.

If you book a trip you will be dealing with the złoty, pronounced zwoty but we called it slots? It might take a while to come to the realisation that Poland is cheap as chips and you are handing over 100 in notes but thats actually just £20. Your taxi from the airport is around 70 złoty for the 40 min drive and your 3 course evening meal with wine is gonna cost you about £10! I know!!!!!!

The vodka. It’s strong. Blow your head off strong but when you are spoiled by cherry, hazelnut and raspberry flavours you struggle to refuse this local favourite. Also you must try some Krupnik Honey Liqueur. It comes in the tiniest wine glass ever and warms your soul like nothing else.

The quirky side streets off The Main Market Square are filled with beautiful churches, cafes and rooftop bars. Many of the shops you will recognise like a huge Zara, Sephora, L’Occitane to name a few but you will also find local brands, boutiques and amazing designers to drool over.

We found a cute, modern apartment close to the main square for around £120 for 3 nights. Not per night I must add. For the whole weekend and it slept 4. Along with our Ryanair flights this was a really affordable break.

Plus we decided to take a trip to experience the local Salt Mines and of course Auschwitz. A quick google search the night before lead us to a company that provided door to door chauffeur service and both visits in one day. We set off at 7am and returned in time for our evening meal.

Two of the most popular sightseeing spots outside of Krakow are Wieliczka Salt Mine, and Auschwitz-Birkenau—the former concentration camp during Nazi-occupied Poland. I still can’t get my head around what I saw and heard but I most definitely encourage you to book the visit. The Salt Mines were light relief after lunch but I wouldn’t take that trip again in a hurry. Although we did make the most of it.

Surprised by both the beauty and exceptional hospitality I cannot wait to return to Poland. I would love to take the whole family next time to see another side of this place. Ride the trams, rent a bike, take in the parks, and explore this place a little more.

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