Posh Burn

TRUTH. I have had absolutely no desire whatsoever to clean.

I see celebrities doing it. My friends doing it and until I opened my Posh Burn delivery I had no intention of ‘blitzing my house’ to get me through lockdown.

Then my ladies, I ripped open my ‘linen fresh carpet sprinkling thingie bobby’ and before I knew it I was attacking every bit of fabric in my home! The Posh Burn spray on the curtains, soy wax in my burners the lot.

Firstly let me say this local company supply to most of my friends currently in the cleaning business and are based in Crosby. Posh Burn specialise in hand poured luxuriously fragranced soy wax melts, diffusers and candles reasonably priced and delivered to your door.

But its the ‘sprinkle and hoover’ collection that is getting me through these long days working from home. Broadcasting from my living room has its pros and cons and the ‘Fresh Linen’ smell coming from my rug is currently giving me life!

Trust me the minute I am back up that Radio City tower the studio carpets are getting the Posh Burn treatment.

Have a nose on their website today and follow Posh Burn on Instagram too.

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