Scouse of Horrors

Half term lets be having ya! Just having a nose at what I can drag my two terrors to next week and came across something we haven’t seen before. Scouse of Horrors at St Johns Shopping Centre. My kids are 5 and 8 years old, too young for Farmaggedon by quite some years so this looks perfect.

It runs every day until October 31st and tells the story of St John, who has been “living in his manor peacefully for centuries until the naughty pixies came along and stole all his pumpkins. He needs the help of Merseyside’s Mini Monsters to hunt them down”.

Tickets are £10 for kids and just £1 for adults.

Its something new to try while they are off school and according to the website ‘Scouse of Horrors is NOT a scare attraction, it is a soft and interactive experience for young children to enjoy the season, lasting 20-30 minutes before entering the Scouse of Horrors themed gift shop.’

Here’s the website if you fancy a nose yourself!

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