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Botox works. We know this. IF you find an experienced and qualified practitioner you can knock years off your face. What if there was an alternative that was risk free, cost you less and left you looking younger?

Alex at Serenity Healing offered me the chance to see the results of facial acupuncture. So I am reporting back to you lovely ladies of Liverpool revealing the truth about the experience and results.

This treatment is used to encourage skins own natural collagen in the face. Helps with fine lines, wrinkles & sagging skin by ‘plumping the skin up’ plus it claims to cure any problematic conditions – without the use of any injections!

Based on Aintree Road Bootle, this little haven is run by lovely Alex and trust me she really knows her stuff. I was welcomed in and offered herbal tea before stripping to my undies and tucked into her table, under the cover of warm fluffy towels and blankets.

She started with a cleansing facial exfoliation then the needles came out. Let me be clear here, they are teeny tiny, skinny, little pins that for me were painless to experience. To be totally honest the only place I felt anything was around my jawline and nose. Completely relaxed I lay cosy and warm for around 30 minutes while Alex gave me a complimentary reflexology treatment that everyone receives when they book this experience.

Instantly you will see a result. My skin looks bright and fresh but will it last?

Well Alex recommended a 4 week course and who was I to argue. I would have this treatment everyday of the week if I could. I loved it.

So 4 weeks from now I will post a before and after photo so you can decide. At around £30 per treatment my final word is treat yourself to this girls. Its a fabulous experience and you know you deserve it.

Contact Alex on 07981179336





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