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Lockdown is getting tougher so lets agree that we all need little things to perk us up a bit. Today I received my fist Skyn Bakery delivery and I am in love. Not just with the products but the story behind this fantastic new business.

Read this from the brains behind the bakery Clare,

‘Hope Soap has been created specifically to help in the NHS and our local community.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has changed the world in a way we could not imagine, soap is currently an in demand product, as a soap maker I feel it is important for me to use my skills to help out in any way I can. That is why I have created this soap, a simple, high quality antimicrobial formula that is perfect for hand washing.

With every batch of this soap I make, another batch will be made and donated to the NHS, for the staff and patients and also to other local community groups who need it. 

Skyn Bakery is a small independent business, run by one person, meaning that excess funds are not huge and we face the same struggles many businesses are currently facing. The ingredients used are expensive, that is why the proceeds from the sale of this specially created soap will go towards buying ingredients to make more soap, so that we can continue to make donations. 

If you buy one of these bars, you are helping us to continue to make soap donations.’

Enough said.

Purchase your Hope Soap here

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