Fair maidens of Maghull and beyond! Are you looking for a great deal on on a huge range of hair extensions, from synthetic hair pieces to beauty works quality remy human hair extensions? Go pop your head into Headrush! They specialise in hair colouring and extensions, wedding hair and make up, they even boast their […]

Tumble Town

We all know soft play areas are a lifeline when it comes to occupying our kids but are you struggling to find one perfect for tiny tots and pre schoolers? Well, check out Tumble Town a small Stay & Play Centre designed for Parents, Babies and Toddlers. Located on Broad Lane in Norris Green, you’ll […]

My new mate Keto

Hi I’m Leanne. I diet. Often! I lose a few lbs then gain it back plus a little more then diet again. Can you relate? Like me do you struggle saying no to giant bars of Dairy Milk and sausage dinners? Well it’s early days but meet my mate Keto! Please note I am not […]

How To Listen: Ladies of Liverpool Podcast

It’s so easy to listen to the Ladies of Liverpool Podcast! iPhone users, you can subscribe directly from the Podcast App by clicking here. If you have an android phone, you can subscribe on Google Podcasts by clicking here. Alternatively, if you use another app for your podcast listening, simply click on the links below […]