The F Word

So my partner in radio crime Dave Kelly has hit the big 40! I’ve spent the last month trying to get him to make a list of all the stuff he wants to do next year but he’s having non of it. 40 things he would like to do when he’s 40 is really what I’m after! 2 years ago, aged 35, on New Year’s Eve I made my own list of things to do before I’m 40. I even got the kids involved and we’ve started ticking them off 1 by 1.
Here it is… 💁🏼‍♀️
  1. Hot tub party. I know it’s not a massive deal but it was something we’d never done at home and we do love throwing a party! It was hilarious I’d tell you all about it but ‘what happens at a hot tub party stays in the hot tub party!’ (Don’t get the wrong idea it just got a bit wild although we did all end up with a rash 😂)
  2. Go to Lapland. Worth every penny check out my blog
  3. Dream teeth. My wisdom teeth screwed up my smile pushing my front teeth together but a 3 week Invisalign brace fixed that and my smile is bigger than ever! Thanks
  4. Meet a Geisha. Japan is on my hit list big time. I read memoirs of a geisha when I was younger and promised myself I’d visit Kyoto. Expect that blog soon (crosses fingers and toes)
  5. Go the Super Bowl. We can’t afford to go this year but next year Miami Super Bowl is going on my dream board!
  6. Own a pet. I have a vague memory of owning a yellow budgie called Dunka. After it died I spent most of my childhood begging for a dog now it’s my kids turn. I would love to get them one and I know we’d adore the lucky pup but the verdicts still out on it. I’ll keep you posted.
  7. Music festival. I think a music festival in your 30’s must be amazing! We are young enough to keep up and old enough to really let loose! No make up, hair piled on your head and a plastic cup filled with larger sounds spot on!
  8. Get to the airport and board any plane you can. No words needed. How brilliant would this be!
  9. Change my hair colour. I was born a brunette but during my time in the girl band Urban Angelz I became ‘the blonde one.’ Now I can’t go back! I keep telling myself I’m gonna be a Redhead …. watch this space.
  10. Welcome in the new year holidaying in another country. Australia, New York, Italy, Spain anywhere sounds good to me.
Take a minute to make your list. Whether it’s skinny dipping or flying a helicopter, if thinking about it makes your heart beat a little faster get it done. Life’s for living x

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2 thoughts on “The F Word

    Wendy hollingsworth

    (October 27, 2018 - 12:44 pm)

    My 40th has long gone.62 tomorrow 28/10/ have fulfilled a couple on my list though, Orlando twice and going again and Lapland would love to go again

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