The ‘Post Mother’s Day’ Quiz

Hope you all had a fabulous day ladies. I am a huge fan of Mother’s Day and my social media pages have been crammed with Mother’s Day love but does anyone have a little moan to get off their chest?

For a laugh I’ve listed some of mine. Take the quiz and tell me which ones you said YES to.

  1. Did you pick your own present?

If you are like me you picked your own present and being ‘a ma’ picked the cheapest thing you could find. Can’t wait to wear my new Primark pj’s said no mum ever.

  1. Did you cook Sunday lunch for everyone else?

I watched my lovely mum Linda slave over everyone yesterday. How sly is that! ( I did offer to help she wouldn’t have any of it)

  1. Do you have daffodils somewhere in  your house?

What is it with the daff’s? Either the kids bring them home from school. They are probably pictured on your card or you received a planted one that’s yet to grow out of an old Flora margarine tub! Looks gorgeous on your kitchen window doesn’t it?

  1. You went to town and found yourself surrounded by the cast of ‘ mums gone wild’?

Why do we go loopy if we end up out on Mothering Sunday?

  1. After 10 minutes of gorgeous cuddles from the kids you were back to business?

Doing all the usual things that fall solely at your feet. Like legging  it up stairs with toilet roll when someone’s done their biz knowing there is no tissue on the roll but that you will come to the rescue as always.

  1. Did you roll your eyes at more than one Facebook  post?

‘So spoiled by my ones!’ and pictures of 5 Victoria Secrets bags scattered amongst new shoes, Mac make up, perfume, keys to a new Mercades 4×4 and tickets to The Maldives.

  1. Did you find yourself cleaning up…. again?

Bin bagging mountains of crepe paper, daffodils, chocolate wrappers? Washing the roast dinner dishes after everyone leaves, before you start the uniform ironing because its Sunday after all.

8. Did you shed a little tear for an amazing lady who you couldn’t wish Happy Mother’s day to yesterday?

Another one with out my nana. Cheers to you Josie x

Hope the hangovers are lifting and you had a great one girls.  Whatever way you celebrated yesterday, you totally deserved your day! 

Lea x


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