The Theatre Mum

The Theatre Mum

I first stepped on stage aged 9. As it goes it wasn’t a church hall performance or even community theatre it was the glorious Liverpool Empire filled with a few thousand people. I was there because my mates were. Because I had picked up the routines and was chosen out of a bunch of other little dancers at dance class. Not because I had a thirst for showbiz or a dream to become a star. Simply because thats where I had ended up after my mum agreed for my friends mum to take me to dancing so her child had a mate there.

You could call it fate or destiny but as each year passed stepping on stage became my hobby, passion and eventually my job. It’s a strange career to land yourself in. Plenty of highs but tons more lows as the auditions come your way and the green eyes of others pop up. Ive never taken it that seriously to be honest and always believed luck has a huge part to play.

I’m as shocked as anyone as I type ‘Ive been performing for a living for 27 years’ and as I sit here on a Sunday afternoon looking at my next script, listening to my 2 children fight over a Spiderman mask behind me I’m thinking how am I going to do this?

Since becoming a mum EVERYTHING else including performing comes second. Like most I work to pay the bills. Years ago I would walk into rehearsals completely off book. Script in my head, fire in my belly and an excitement waiting for the audience. Now? My heads filled with ‘where did I Ieave the school photo letter that needs returning tomorrow and has the dryer finished so I can iron the school uniforms?’

So here is a little insight into the 5 stages a performing ma goes through.

  1. YAY an audition. Shit does the show clash with any of the one million social events my kids have booked in?
  2. YAY I got the job. Hang on can my dad pick the kids up from school? Can my mum give them tea? Can Jay bring them to me Saturdays between shows without missing the footie?
  3. YAY the script has arrived! Secretly praying my parts been chopped from act 2 so I have less lines to learn!
  4. YAY press pics day. *runs to buy dry shampoo hair spray because I fell asleep reading ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ to my youngest the night before so hairs a total show.
  5. YAY REHEASALS START TOMORROW! Knows not one line and doesn’t really know how the play ends.

BUT…. CAN’T BLOODY WAIT! This play really is hilarious and I have a feeling it might be pretty unpredictable considering it stars Towie’s Harry Derbridge, Brookie’s Tin Head and myself! So if you fancy it I have sorted you all discount for TUE AND WED! 2 FOR 1 tickets if you quote ‘Ladies of Liverpool’ at the Box Office call 01744 756000

See you there!

Love Lea x

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