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Recently I have stumbled upon something that delivers everything it promises when it comes to low cal Prosecco. Listen to this weeks Ladies of Liverpool podcast to hear from the scouse lady herself who created and developed it in just a few short trips to Italy. Born and raised in Liverpool, Kath, is a hardworking and focused young woman. Kath worked for some time at a celeb agency alongside stars from the reality TV show Geordie Shore then decided to go at it alone and set up her own celebrity influencer agency.  Before she knew it  Kath would gain some amazing clients, such as The Valleys’ Lateysha Grace and presenter Charlotte Dawson. The company suddenly started to grow, but Kath still felt that she hadn’t fulfilled her achievements. with a huge interest in both drinking and making alcohol, Kath created her own alcohol company (Think J Wines Ltd), selling her vegan, no calorie wine and Prosecco brands.

It wasn’t long before this was finally achieved and Think was ready to hit bars and clubs across the globe. However, the UK was hit by COVID.

Due to the pandemic Kath quickly identified the need to change strategy, and at that point became an e-commerce business. Her Celebrity influencer agency had suddenly found more crossover and by using this new strategy with a good SEO campaign, Kath’s business is currently making more profit than it did before the pandemic. Upon reflection of this journey, Kath has learnt a lot of life’s lessons. Those lessons are of trust, persistence and being creative with an ability to respond to market change to survive and thrive. Businesses all over the world are taking a downward slope and Kath is proving that with a plan and adaption to the market, you can still maintain market share and growth.

Follow Think Wines on Instagram and try this beautiful fizz for yourself.

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    Thanks for leaving a comment, This is very similar to Yive without the monthly fee, its about mass video marketing hence the output. Thanks Ibbie Glenden Jaela

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